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soon and excited to announce we are in beta testing!

Host Government & Military Members On Official Travel

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Easy to Use

We link with your existing booking calendars to automatically deconflict from other booking websites. We also take care of all transactions and ensure all receipts meet government requirements. List with us, sit back, and enjoy hosting military service members and government civilians alike.

Profit Year-Round

Government travelers are on the road 12 months out of the year.  Take advantage of this exciting new market to maximize your bookings and minimize vacancy.  Check out your local nightly rates by clicking the button below

Low Risk

Enjoy booking government travelers for any duration from several days to several months.  TDY By Owner was created by Air Force officers who manage short term rental properties along the Emerald Coast.  Rest assured, we have you covered. We'll work to ensure 100% satisfaction with each of our customers.

What Is a TDY?

TDY is an official government acronym for "temporary duty."  In other words, a work trip. These range in length from a few nights to several months.  

The government reimburses these travelers for their lodging expenses with many stipulations.  Staying in a short term rental is 100% legal however, this process has historically been difficult to navigate based on the 500+ pages of guidance these travelers must follow or risk not getting reimubursed.  This drives most travelers to stay in a hotel instead.  

This is exactly why we exist.  We've solved this problem by making it easy for the traveler.  We're so confident in our process that we guarantee 100% of their expenses are reimbursable. 

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